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Statement from sacked City of Perth CEO Martin Mileham

City of Perth chief executive officer Martin Mileham has been sacked.

At a special council meeting held on Monday it was confirmed Mr Mileham’s termination will take effect immediately.

Below is a state from the former CEO



A short while ago I read on the City of Perth web-site and in the media that the
Commissioners appointed by the State Government to run the City of Perth pending
the outcome of the current Inquiry Panel, have terminated my employment as the
Chief Executive Officer of the City of Perth effective immediately.

At the time of this release the termination of my employment has not been notified
to me in any way, shape or form.

If the media report is correct and my employment has indeed been terminated, I am
unaware of the reasons for that termination. Again, if correct, this termination
comes at a time when I have been and am absent from work on authorised leave.

Given my legal, statutory and contractual rights, if the City of Perth web-site and
media reports are in fact true, then I am disappointed, shocked and dismayed that
the Commissioners have taken this action without following any, or any adequate or
proper due process and without even having the courtesy to notify me ahead of

My disappointment, shock and dismay is exacerbated by the fact that I had raised
concerns about my workplace rights being adversely affected initially with the
Councillors of the City of Perth before they were suspended and then with the
Commissioners soon after they commenced in their role and, to date, these concerns
have not been addressed.

Naturally, I will take legal advice and reserve my rights and place my trust in the legal
system to ensure that I am compensated to the full extent of the law.