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Eagles Thump Dockers In Fiery Derby

An interesting game of footy to say the least… with the Eagles running out winners 21.16.142 to Fremantle’s 13.6.84.

Elliot Yeo won the first Glendinning-Allan medal, but the major talking point will be Andrew Gaff’s hit on Andrew Brayshaw.

The Freo youngster was taken to hospital with a broken jaw and the star Eagle is likely to head straight to the tribunal and have any hopes of a Brownlow medal dashed.

Andrew Brayshaw will undergo surgery for a broken jaw after Andrew Gaff threw a punch that knocked the Docker to the ground
Hear the moment Glen Jakovich noticed Brayshaw was injured and how the commentary team saw the clash….

“It’s not his thing to do something like that, I think it’s just a spur of the moment kind of thing,” Jack Redden said about Gaff.
“Emotions spilled over, I think it’s a good lesson for us and if we can curve that emotion in the right way I think we’ll be going well,” Redden told 6PR.

“As it sits with me right now, I just hope Andrew’s [Brayshaw] OK and his family are well supported by the club and they’re being kept in the loop… My immediate gut reaction and emotion right now is care for Andrew and his family,” David Mundy told 6PR after the game.