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China relationship ‘biggest foreign policy problem’ for Australian Govt

There are concerns the federal Government won’t do anything about the latest Chinese espionage claims because it’s scared of upsetting Beijing.

Former spy Wang Liqiang is seeking asylum in Australia… after going public about China’s intelligence operations.

Mr Wang alleges the communist regime tried to plant an agent in the Australian Parliament.

It’s alleged a Chinese intelligence group offered $1 million dollars to Melbourne car dealer Bo “Nick” Zhao to run as a Liberal Party candidate.

ASIO says it was aware and “has been actively investigating” the allegations after Zhao was found dead in a hotel room in March, shortly after telling Australian authorities about the offer.

ASIO Director-General Mike Burgess has made a rare public statement saying, “hostile foreign intelligence activity continues to pose a real threat to our nation and its security

International Affairs Expert Keith Suter told Gareth Parker how Australia handles the relationship with China will be the biggest foreign policy problem of any government.

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