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AMA WA says euthanasia legislation is a “rushed job”

The State Government has today revealed details of its Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill. The Australian Medical Association WA has called on them not to rush consideration of the bill.

The AMA WA is opposed to any legislation that allows the termination of life, with immediate past President Dr Omar Khorshid telling Oliver Peterson they cannot support it in its current form.

“To be honest it looks like a rushed job.

“It looks a little unworkable, it looks a little naive. It’s clearly not written but people who understand how our health system works. There’s a long way to go before we could make this both safe and effective legislation.”

More than 100 safeguards are included in the bill and candidates must fit a number of eligibility criteria such as a person must have a life expectancy of just 6 months, or 12 if dying of a neurodegenerative condition.

Candidates will also need to apply verbally twice and in writing once, and see two different doctors. The minimum time for this process is 9 days.

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