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‘A lot of the signs you really don’t notice’

For the Blackwell family, the tragic impact Anorexia can have on a family is one they know only too well. Jess Blackwell was just 31 when she passed away after a 16 year battle with eating disorders.

Former WAFL & VFL player Dean Blackwell and his wife Beth joined Gareth Parker in the 6PR to tell their story.

“We had a wonderful relationship,” Mr Blackwell told Gareth Parker.

“I felt like I was losing her because I couldn’t get her to change and I always had that fear and doubt in my mind that we would lose her.

Wayne and Beth’s son Dean is running 100 kilometres in one day to raise awareness about Anorexia. He will run the 100 kilometres from Northam to Perth and wants to raise $1000 for every kilometre he runs.

If you’d like to contribute to Dean’s efforts visit his Every Day Hero page.

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