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For the first time in it’s history, St Barts needs your help

St Bart’s is appealing for financial assistance for the first time in its history – as it struggles in the current economic climate.

The organisation has been providing accommodation and support for some of the state’s most vulnerable people since 1963.

COVID restrictions and the economic downturn has caused a drop in donations at a time when there’s an increase for services.

CEO Sam Drury and St Barts resident Kym joined Gareth Parker in the Mornings studio to explain what the St Bart’s provides and how much of an impact they can make on people’s lives. Ms Drury says their women’s accommodation alone costs around $700,000 a year to provide.

Meanwhile Kym’s story is a reflection of what can happen when bad luck is added to back luck. She arrived in Perth to try and find work after being out of the workforce for a couple of years while she was caring for her mother. After the offer of accommodation a friend had offered her fell through, Kym found herself with the financial problems piling – she was over 50, had been out of the workfroce and suddenly found herself without accommodating in a new city… and then COVID-19 hit.

“This is an expensive country to live in,” Kym said.

“You’re getting your Centrelink money, you’ve got nowhere to live, you’re using money to buy food, to top up your phone to even look for work, to get access to services, the whole range of issues that make it harder. So yeah, bad luck.”

She shared her story with 6PR listeners this morning and it is well worth hearing: 

If you’re keen to help with the work St Barts is doing you can find more information at