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Clampers strike again

About a dozen cars were clamped at a shopping complex in Myaree on Wednesday with one lady ready to fight against the wheel clamping company.

A Facebook notice has encouraged Myaree residents to boycott the Hulme Court shops because workers for Auto Clamp sit in the car park waiting for people to not go into the shop. 

Janine Wilmot was a customer at the hair salon in the complex and spent hundreds of dollars before returning to her car to find it had been clamped.

“[I] came back about an hour later, there’s a big group of people around all the cars, all the cars are clamped all next to each other in a row,” Ms Wilmot told 6PR Breakfast.

“We discovered there was a white 4WD parked not far away and these two guys were sitting there with their EFTPOS machine ready to take our cards so we could pay $170 each,” she said.

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