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Andrew Burrell explains the assault on him by a militant MUA member

What was it that caused a Maritime Union of Australia member to attack and wrestle to the ground the WA Chief Reporter for the Australian Newspaper Andrew Burrell at the MUA State Conference on Tuesday?

Well don’t ask Andrew because he is none the wiser as to what it was that set the as yet unidentified assailant off 

Particularly puzzling to the seasoned reporter was the fact that he was personally invited to attend the event to hear from key members of the union about how the organisation had reformed itself.

Andrew Burrell spoke to Steve and Basil about the assault on him by a militant MUA member at the MUA State Conference.

 Statement from Christy Cain MUA WA

"What happened yesterday was completely unacceptable, and our national secretary spoke to Mr Burrell yesterday and apologised on behalf of the union and our members.

The incident was based on a misunderstanding by an individual of when media were permitted to attend the conference.

However, this in no way excuses the behaviour.

Every worker, whether they are a maritime worker or a journalist, should be able to do their job in a safe work environment. Our union will discipline the individual and provide counseling aimed at ensuring this sort of thing doesn’t happen again."